Dental Emergencies

Jenison Pediatric Dentist

Grand River Pediatric Dentistry knows that when your child’s mouth hurts, it can be frightening for your child and stressful for you.  Did you know that almost half of all children will hurt a tooth at some time? Pediatric dentists, Dr. Condit and Dr. Vollmar are here to help and have the compassion and expertise to handle all dental emergencies.

Injuries to Baby Teeth

Kids fall quite often, especially as they become more mobile.  Mouth injuries are somewhat common and bleeding is often associated.  Lots of love and cold compresses (we love sugar-free popsicles!) can help. If the baby teeth are loose or chipped, or you are worried about your child, call our office.

Injuries to Adult Teeth

The top front teeth are the most likely to be hurt.  This can happen while playing sports or just while being a kid.  If the tooth is chipped or loose, call our office right away.

If the entire tooth falls out, handle it very gently by the crown (the top) and try not to touch the root.   You can rinse it carefully to remove any dirt or debris.  The best place to put the tooth is back where it came from – in the socket!  Don’t worry if you can’t put it in right, we will evaluate it.  If you can’t put it back in the mouth for any reason, the next best place is in a cup of saliva (spit) or cold milk – just not in water or any other type of beverage.  Call our office right away.

One of Dr. Vollmar and Dr. Condit’s favorite resources is which can help explain your child’s injury in more detail. Contact our Jenison, MI dental office for more information.