Jenison Pediatric Dentist

Sometimes, the removal of teeth is necessary due to pain, infection or for other reasons, such as for orthodontic treatment or to promote better tooth alignment.  Pediatric dentists, Dr. Vollmar and Dr. Condit may recommend extraction of one or more of your child’s teeth if any of these issues apply to your child.  Grand River Pediatric Dentistry tries to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your child.  Our Jenison, MI dental team uses words like “wiggle” rather than “pull” and “sleepy juice” rather than “shot.”  During your consultation, Dr. Condit and Dr. Vollmar may also discuss other options to help ease your child’s anxiety if needed.

Post-Extraction Care

After your child’s dental extraction, they may usually return to school if comfortable.  They may be more tired if a toothache has been interrupting sleep, but most children recover very quickly.

Pediatric dentists, Dr. Condit and Dr. Vollmar will have your child bite on gauze when the extraction is complete. Firm biting pressure for 20 minutes is usually enough to stop the bleeding, however, the gauze can be changed and reapplied as needed. You may use over-the-counter pain medication as directed for pain. If bleeding continues beyond 24 hours or any swelling develops, contact our Jenison, MI dental office immediately.

For the first few days following dental extraction, limit your child’s diet to soft foods, such as applesauce, yogurt, and eggs.  Have your child avoid using a straw, as the pressure created can interfere with the healing process and increase bleeding.

For more information or an extraction consultation, contact Grand River Pediatric Dentistry.