Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Jenison Pediatric Dentist

Silver diamine fluoride can sometimes be a safe, painless alternative to fillings or crowns. SDF prevents the spread or growth of existing cavities by inhibiting the bacteria that cause cavities and remineralizing (or hardening) the tooth. It also can be used in some instances to help reduce tooth sensitivity. SDF is a liquid that is applied directly to a cavity with a small brush or with dental floss. It can cause temporary staining to the gums or other soft tissues, and will also cause a cavity to permanently turn dark in color.

SDF can be a good option when:

  • Children have a hard time cooperating for traditional treatment
  • A tooth will be lost in the near future
  • A cavity is very small – in order to prevent it from getting larger or needing more extensive treatment

Pediatric dentists, Dr. Condit and Dr. Vollmar will discuss this option with you to determine if it is right for your child.  For more information about silver diamine fluoride, contact Grand River Pediatric Dentistry.