Jenison Pediatric Dentist

"My son had a really positive experience here. The entire building feels like a home and all the staff were friendly and welcoming. My son is 2 and they sang ABCs while working in his mouth. I believe he did so well because of their calming energy. They also have flat screens on the ceiling for the kids to look up at. So glad I found this place! Great location too 👍🏼"

- Lexi T.

"Took my three kids in today for their first visit here and it went wonderful! All the staff were friendly, welcoming, and patient with my younger two kids. They explained everything and showed us around their new facility. The kids had fun, definitely a place to recommend! 😁"

- Claribel M.

"Office is very clean and the staff is amazing! We will definitely be sticking with Grand River Pediatric Dentistry!"

- Michelle D.

"Absolutely wonderful first visit! Very knowledgeable of their services and quickly generated estimates for future services before I left the office. All the ladies were friendly, with a calm, soothing approach. Also patient with my 4 year old as she micro managed my older kids exams. Beautiful, clean office. Will continue to recommend to friends with young children!

Edit (March 11th): I can not say enough good things about this practice! My daughter ended up needing addition work done. All questions were answered, not only from a easy to understand professional standpoint but also a motherly standpoint. Yet again, very relaxing experience for my 4 year old! All steps were explained to her in a way she understood and was comfortable with. She enjoys all the ladies so much, she asked me when she gets to go back to watch another movie with "her teeth ladies." 😂 A tad jealous I'm too old for this office! 💙"

- Samantha R.